Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are those that can be installed on the exterior portion of the wall. While most of these wall panels are designed beautifully and offer an attractive look when placed on the walls, they need not be hidden and can enhance the beauty of room. These panels are available in different styles ranging from original fabric to printed fabric, micro-suede, and many other fabrics of your choice. The panels can be mounted on the walls with the support of steel frames instantly and can also be mounted on the roof ceiling as false acoustic wall ceiling.

Acoustic wall panels are effective and efficient in absorbing any unwanted sound and controlling the level of noise. The panels capture the crisp and clear sound from spoken words to live music performed with heavy musical instruments. For instance, installation of acoustics wall panels in home theatres will offer an atmosphere equivalent to that of a movie theatre.

Size of the acoustic wall panels vary according to the requirement and mode of usage. These panels are available in standard size and custom size panels can also be ordered. Minimum and maximum standard size of the acoustic wall panel is 2″ x 4″ and 48″ x 120″ respectively. Similarly, thickness of the wall panel can also be customized according to the exact specifications of the customer. The thicker panel absorbs the sound more effectively when compared to the thinner panels. The larger size wall panels can be fixed with a stand so that it is possible to move the panels around for enjoying good acoustic effects. One attractive feature of the acoustical panel is that it is wrapped in graceful fabrics made with different colours, patterns and designs. It enhances the beauty of the room apart from serving the main purpose of absorption and elimination of the sound and noise.

Following are the common places where these acoustic wall panels can be placed:                                                                                               

Dance and leisure centres 
Hotels and restaurants 
Shopping centres 
Recording theatres 
Schools and Hospitals 
Meeting rooms 
Airport and Railway stations 
Indoor Gymnasiums 
Auditorium and rehearsal studios, etc., 

Wooden acoustical panels are high specification sound and noise absorbing wall panels that reduces the reverberation and echo. This panel has broader sound absorption spectrum. High efficiency in absorption of sound, co-efficient towards low frequency noise, strong decors enabling visual treat, easy installation, durability, etc are the highlights of the panels. Wooden panels are made of high density mildew proof and moisture proof materials.

The Elastic acoustical panels offer dust free, non-combustible, simple construction and strong decorative panels facilitates towards good and effective absorption of high, medium and low frequency noises. The panels are designed with special micro perforation sound absorbing cotton in the inner layer and the outer layer is covered with fire proof aluminium alloy frame. Elasticity of the panel is the key ingredient of these types of panels.

Various brands of acoustic wall panels are available in the market and it can be quite confusing to select the appropriate brand that suits the requirements. The important factor to remember is to pick an affordable and trustworthy brand and to ensure that the panel  blends perfectly with the theme and design of the interior decor.

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