Basement Wall Panels

These are wall panels that are created with fabricated sheets or wood that can be fixed in the surface. Normally these sheets are constant in size and hence can be fixed to the surface in an easy manner. Basement wall panels adds an enriched look for basement and are considered a better option when compared to other conservative wall decorations such as paintings, tiles, etc.,

Usually the basement will be moist even with installation of waterproof systems. This moisture in the basement oozes through the paint and tiles that gives an unsightly appearance on the surface. Similarly, wallpapers can get torn easily. So, the above options are not considered best for decorating a basement area. Hence, wall panels that are designed compatible with extreme weather conditions are considered the better option. Another benefit of the basement wall panels are they are made available in wide range of colors and styles.

At present, wood and PVC fabrications are used when installing paneling in a basement. PVC fabrications are generally not so heavy and protect the basement from molds. Moreover, it can be cleaned with tough cleaning materials. Wooden basement panels are also resistant to mold subject to the condition that it should undergo a treatment process during manufacturing. However, insulated panels made of foam are measured the best system of designing basement wall panel. The cost of the panel depends upon the usage of the materials. Wooden panels are not much expensive, when compared with insulated foam panels.

Panel designs are being manufactured in different textures and sizes. PVC fabrications are created with solid texture of colors to enhance the flawless appearance. These can be designed like ceramic, mosaic, etc., These panels are designed in a way to drain water directly into drainage system. It enables brighter look of basement area. On the other hand, wooden panels extend an elegant look to the basement.

Several benefits can be availed by installation of basement wall panels and the prominent among them is addition of living space. Usually basement area is utilized for storage purpose alone, but with installation of basement wall panels enables for additional storage area or living area designing play room, study room, office room, etc., The simple appearance of basement area can be converted to colorful area providing feast for eyes with various designs and textures. Once the basement wall is furnished, it adds value to the building.

Basement walls can be decorated in three ways namely, paneling the entire wall, library and wainscoting. As the name indicates, paneling entire wall refers to covering the full area with panels. Library style of decorating refers to creation of panels in form of checkerboard. Wainscoting style of decoration refers to covering the one part with wall panels and the other part of the basement area with painting.

With the availability of abundance designs of wall panel systems, choosing the appropriate system of basement wall panels is more important. The appropriate choice of wall panel can be decided on the moisture content of the basement, budget estimation, purpose of furnishing basement panels, type of panel, etc.,

Architects and home decorators are increasingly looking at basement wall panels when designing a house simply because they are low maintenance and come in a variety of materials and textures. Post modernist house owners will have nothing but basement wall panels because bare walls assault their sense of style. Depending the look you want to lend the basement you can choose wood panels from natural wood veneers or laminates which look like wood; bamboo; brick which gives it a classic modish basement bar feel; real rock or stone, faux rock or stone that makes it look more like a stylish den; dry flower wall panels to give it an arty feel; fabrics which make the room quieter; even metal which gives the room an urban chic feel to it all leaving you spoilt for choice.

What material can your basement wall panels be made of? Wood wall panels are usually made with oak wood (grey, European, light or dark), rosewood, zebrawood, wenge, mahogany, ebony, macassar wood, teak wood, walnut wood to name a few. Among metals you have aluminium, iron, copper, stainless steel and brass depending on the texture you want or features like malleability. Basement wall panels made of fabric are perfect if you want to jam with the band because they help make the basement sound-proof. Each material will give the basement a look unique to that material. Thought you may not expect your basement wall panels to look like works of art, choices of horizontal, vertical, hand-etched, machine-designed, insulated, un-insulated, textured, un-textured, eco-friendly panels in many colours and designs chosen by you plus custom width and cut, they invariable end up doing so because of clean lines and superb finishes.
Since the advent of basement wall panels, paint is passé. Even if you’re not planning to relax in there, putting in basement wall panels is a great idea because they are water-tight, locking out moisture which is ideal since basements are known to get mouldy in wet weather. You can wave fungus decorated walls goodbye. Low installation time and durability are other reasons for its climbing popularity. Since wall integrity is also important, wall panels are ideal in such a situation providing both structural and aesthetic relief.

Turn your basement into the best room in the house –your private retreat.