Decorative Wall Panels

If you have a room in your house that has bumpy or uneven walls that you would like to cover up then decorative wall paneling is an excellent solution to add to any room.

Installing wall paneling is not hard to do and is within the capabilities of most people without having to resort to bringing in a professional.

If you are considering installing decorative wall paneling then you have a whole range of options to choose from including: decorative finish panels, lionite tileboard, beadboard panels and wainscoting to name but a few. Wainscoting is a style of paneling that is applied to the lower part of the wall and is used as a way to add a decorative style to a plain wall but it’s original purpose many years ago was to cover up walls that were affected by rising damp.

For the budding D.I.Y’ers out there who want to do the job themselves, here are some guidlines to help you:

First, the panels will have to be acclimatised to the environment they are to be installed in so leave them in the room for a couple of days before you start the job ensuring they get enough air circulation.

Decorative Wall Panels
Next you will want to measure the wall where you will be installing the panels. Measure the length of the wall in feet and add all measurements. Divide your added measurements by 4 and this will tell you how much paneling you will require. You will also need moulding to go with your paneling so be sure to choose moulding that matches the colour of your paneling.

Finally some tips on hanging the paneling –

Be sure to leave a one-sixteenth gap between each panel, don’t push them up against each other as this can cause cracking when the panels expand.

Decorative paneling has come a long since it’s inception and many inovations using new materials and new designs have been made and you can now be kind to the environment by using eco friendly panels which are made by using recycled materials. Decorative wall paneling is a great way to decorate a room and can cover up some unsightly bumps and cracks on a wall. All this can be done over a weekend. I hope you have found this advice helpful.