Knotty Pine Paneling – A Traditional Look

When it comes to choosing a material to panel your wall, one of the most popular choices is knotty pine paneling. The reasons for it’s popularity among homeowners can probably be put down to the traditional look of pine which brings a very homely feel to any room it is installed in. The wood is characterised by the ‘knots’ in the pine which are very distinctive in their appearance and give and old world feel to a wall space.

One thing to think about if you are considering installing knotty pine wall paneling in your home is the smell from the wood. For some the smell of pine is a bonus but for others it can be a little overwhelming and is something to ponder before making a final choice on your paneling.

The designs that can be created with knotty pine paneling are completely a personal choice. You can decide to completely go for the same look for the entire house or use it for highlighting a single wall. Ideally bedrooms and living rooms get a very rusty and warm feeling with pinewood designs. You can team up your furniture in the same knotty style as the walls to create a good theme. While most people love to paint up their knotty pinewood paneling, you can also opt to retain the original shade of pine by just applying a transparent polish. This will help you add an extra shine to your interiors. There are various shades of pinewood that are available in the market. You can bring uniformity to your interiors by properly matching the pinewood color with your paint. You can also alter the look of your interiors if you use the paneling as an accent feature and use a white paint for remaining walls, adorned with nice paintings and curtains that match the pinewood shade. The key is to set a budget as well as a theme as per your outlook, and then bring in the interior innovations. You should keep in mind the lighting in the room as pinewood has an impact on the lighting effects.

If you need some help with installing knotty pine paneling then below is a helpful video.

The best way to use knotty pine paneling effectively is to consult an interior designer. This can save a lot of time which you would have instead spent on deciding the color and theme of a room, without coming to concrete decisions. Pinewood should only be bought from known stores. There are stores that sell pinewood exclusively for paneling purpose. Since pinewood is a soft timber, the work should be carried out under the guidance of an expert only to minimize the wastage and damage to the wood. You can protect you panels by taking proper care of pinewood on a regular basis. You can use lemon oil for closing the pores in wood panels every 3 months and avoid all sorts of hard polishing on the wood. There is a list of do’s and don’ts that comes with pinewood and can be easily browsed online. Interior designers will also guide you on maintenance and care. If you are on a tight budget, knotty pine paneling can be your cheapest way to decorate with wood. Most of the faults in the wood are not hidden in such paneling, giving it a very rusty and traditional look. The country side effect of pinewood paneling is extremely soothing and cozy for those who love to be surrounded by woody designs.

Where To Buy Knotty Pine Paneling?

a knotty pine panelYour best bet is probably at one of the big stores such as lowes or home depot who will have a wide selection to choose from. Beware of imitation knotty pine as it will not be as good quality.