Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels are the fashionable contemporary wall decorations that are used to highlight the walls. It is used as an alternate of old interior decorations with wall paintings. The wall panels can be used for both interior and exterior walls. Similarly, metal walls are made available with or without insulation. These panels are made in different styles and designs and can be used as decorative wall panels. These panels made with recyclable objects that enables for a complete recycle after the usage, easy maintenance and low cost with long life. The panels are made with different kinds of materials. It includes brass, iron, copper, steel, etc.,

Copper is considered best for making metal wall panels as it is more flexible and compatible. Copper panels allow the craftsmen to design the panels with an unusual admiring texture according to the requirement, colour and thickness of the panels can be designed. Next to copper, brass with alloy content, which is generally expandable enables for designing wall panels with minute designs and textures. With proper care and protection, the brass panels’ lasts for a long time without compromising on color fading.
Due to robustness along with softness, iron wall panels are considered widely. Iron wall panels are generally used for outdoors. Iron wall panels can be preserved with the usage of turpentine and linseed oil. Steel made wall panels are coated with high durable paint for protection of steel panels.

Metal wall panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically to offer an exceptional appearance. In recent days, curved wall panels are also designed to extend lavishing appearance for wall designs. Another advantage of metal wall panel system is that, it can be installed quickly irrespective of weather conditions. In earlier days, metal panels have been used exclusively by industries and later, almost all types of business ranging from manufacturing company to school premises installed metal panels. But still the art of work has not been elevated more for domestic purpose. Based on location of building and geographical conditions, life of wall panels can be determined. Panels with high durable metal coatings can be utilized for a longer period and the same requires less maintenance.

Unlike glass wall panels, metal panels’ lasts for a long time with out any frequent breakage.  However, selection of appropriate material, size and design or theme is most important in designing a metal wall panel. While considering metal wall for home, it should suit with the architectural structure and design of the home.
Floral designed walls and leaves designed walls are the common and well-liked designs of metal wall panels. But in recent days, metal wall panels are available in plenty of colors, sizes, textures, designs, etc., Batten, Corrugated, stepped, etc are the recently popular patterns of wall panels. The texture of the panels can ranges from smooth panels to rigid one. Similarly to extend the visual treat, color of the panels ranges from light shades to vibrant colors. With availability of abundance designs affordable at a low cost, these panels add value to the building. Durability, easy maintenance, affordability, etc are the highlights of using metal wall panels.


Choosing good metal wall panels is not easy. If you are planning to renovate your home and you want to choose metal wall panels, here are a few tips you can read up on to learn more.

What kind of stainless steel is used?

Most manufacturers usually use 16-gauge stainless steel to make the metal wall panels that you use. When you use these trademarked panels, the metal does not rust and it remains dimensionally stable for a long time.

Is stainless steel more expensive than laminates or plain wood inserts?

Not really, most metal wall panels cost the same as ordinary tiles or plain wood inserts that are used in kitchens. You can choose any variant that you are looking for. But usually styling and coloring of these metal wall panels will determine the cost of the metal wall panels and your eventual budget

Can I install the metal wall panels directly over existing tiles?

This actually depends on the kind of metal wall panels that you are buying. A few can be easily installed on top of existing metal wall panels. A few metal wall panels will require wall preparations to ensure that the tiles stick into place. The best way to check this out is by asking the manufacturer and getting detailed installation instructions.

How do I attach the wall panels?

Usually manufacturers will supply the metal wall panels and the adhesive glue that will hold the metal wall panels in place. You will also get decorative screws that will hold the panel in place till the glue dries up. These screws are color matched to the metal wall panels and they cannot really be seen that properly.

How long with the metal wall panels last?

As long as you want…. Most metal wall panels are designed to stick into place till the glue and underlying support is proper. If the underlying support is fine, the metal wall panels will remain in place for a long, long time.