Waterproof Wall Panels

Water proof wall panels protect wet areas like kitchens, exterior walls and bathrooms. Waterproof panels can be vinyl or plastic that can be coated with paint of a color of your choice. However, it is recommended that you check a smaller area before you paint the entire panel area. The paneling system is made out of UPVC using the tongue and groove technique. This gives a complete waterproof finish to the wall. Silicone sealant should be used to seal the joints between the pieces of the paneling to make sure that the wall surface is absolutely waterproof. What is great about waterproof wall panels is that unlike the ceramic tiles, the entire wall area can be cleaned without the need of any bleaching agent, regrouting or grout cleaner. Moreover, waterproof wall panels are low maintenance, anti bacterial, lead free, durable and easy to install.

  • Bathroom wall cladding-Condensation does not form on these, unlike ceramic bathroom tiles and therefore no mould growth will occur. These waterproof wall panels are well suited for shower rooms, utility rooms and kitchens. Cleaning is extremely simple. You can just use soapy water and wipe with a cloth. The best part about bathroom cladding is that it can be fixed over existing tiles.
  • Panel showers- You can decorate a shower cubicle by adding a wall cladding. If you wish to brighten up a dull, old shower cubicle, you can install shower wall panels over the existing tiles. It is not that waterproof panels are to be limited to only shower cubicles. You can transform the entire room using waterproof wall panels without having to bother for paint, condensation problems, and cleaning grout.
  • Kitchen cladding- Waterproof wall panels are effective on kitchen walls as well as ceilings and look extremely attractive. However, it is recommended that in areas where the cladding system can be directly exposed to heat, ceramic tiles should be used. Waterproof wall panels should be used for the rest of the area.
  • Bathroom wall panels– for someone who is paneling his/her bathroom, there will be off-cuts that will be left over. You can use these pieces to make a beautiful “built-in” bath panel. A waterproof wall panel will be sturdy and more durable than the conventional style acrylic panel. However, you may have to get a frame created in order to get your panels attached.
  • Hygienic wall cladding- waterproof wall panels are recommended for places where food is prepared, for example, the kitchen. This is so because no grout can harbor in a waterproof wall panel and it remains germ as well as bacteria free. The preparation work to install a waterproof wall panel is very little and installation is easy and quick. Waterproof wall panels prove to be cost effective if your kitchen area is large.
  • Ceiling panels- waterproof wall panels when being used as ceiling panel should be light and preferably have a silk or matt finish. However, try and avoid using the same paneling for your walls as well as the ceiling, or the room may end up looking like a mausoleum!  You can use different color combinations, such as highlighted strips of golden and silver color to make the room look vibrant.